Meath Karate Club


The club was started by Adrian Collender in March 2012. We are member of WKFI (Wado Karate Federation of Ireland) and ONAKAI (Official National Amatuer Karate Association of Ireland).

Children can train for fun, fitness, self-defence, self-confidence and/or competition. Full grading structure is available. Access to all National and provincial squads is available.

Instructor Profile

Adrian Collender

Adrian started karate in 1984 and trained under Iwasaki Sensei in Gardiner Street in Dublin. Due to business reasons he took break of several years from training but resumed training under Sensei Tyrone Pardue in 1993. After a number of years he changed organisation, whilst remaining a student of Wado karate, and began training under Sensei Derek Desmond in the ALSAA club in Dublin. He also trained with Sensei Oliver Carolan in Senchalstown. He graded for his black belt in 2011. Adrian has competed at Irish and European level. As well as being a qualified black-belt, Adrian is also an Irish Sports Council Karate Coach, NCEF Fitness Trainer, NCEF Children’s Exercise Specialist and is garda vetted through the NCEF and ONAKAI.

Adult's Training

Adults can train for fitness, self-defence, self-confidence and/or competition. It is the individual student’s choice. Full grading structure is available. Style involves punching, kicking, take-downs, knife defences and throws.

Children (Age 6-10): Monday & Thursday 4.30-6.00pm. Ages 6 and 7
Adults & Children (Age 10+): Tuesday 7.30-8.45pm, Thursdays 8.00-9.30pm &
Saturdays 5.45-7.15pm. Tuesday is a technical class for those with some experience.
Also we have Fitness for Karate classes: Wed 8.00pm and Sunday 11.00am. Age
10+.Only €3 to members of Meath Karate.

Contact: Children’s Officer: Sarah Flanagan (087)7516283